About Us

LottoHub UK is an independent website specialised in offering up-to-date information and a wide range of resources on all lotteries in the United Kingdom. Since our founding, we have been committed to providing accurate results and any other relevant data about the world of British lotteries, always obtained from public and reliable sources.

LottoHub UK has no relationship with lottery organising bodies, which allows us to offer an unbiased and objective perspective.

Furthermore, at LottoHub UK we seek to improve our users’ experience with interactive tools and useful tips to make playing the lottery easier and more enjoyable.

LottoHub UK arises from the founder’s keen interest in the lottery industry and his tireless search for more efficient methods to identify winning combinations. Educated with a Master’s degree in Engineering and with extensive experience as an engineer, where he dealt with complex calculations on a daily basis, the founder had a solid mathematical foundation to develop an effective lottery prediction method.

In the beginning, the process was completely manual and laborious. However, one day, after applying his personal strategy, our founder achieved a significant prize in the lottery, leaving him just one ball away from reaching the jackpot. This milestone was a turning point that demonstrated the potential of his methodology, obtaining a considerable prize with a small number of combinations played.

Motivated by this success, he decided to automate the process of pre-selecting winning combinations by creating an algorithm for selecting combination patterns and another for excluding balls. After several months of development and verification, the tool was ready. This is how LottoCrack Predictions was born in 2021, with the mission of offering this prediction algorithm to users for free, helping them improve their chances of winning.

At LottoHub UK, we strive to offer a complete and enriching experience for all lottery fans in UK. These are some of the services we offer:

  • Latest Results: We keep our users up to date with the latest results of all UK lotteries so they can easily verify if they have won.
  • Results Checker: Our practical online checker allows our users to enter their numbers and instantly verify if they have won a draw correctly.
  • Lottery Predictions: Using our advanced prediction algorithm, we offer predictions with the potentially winning combinations of the next drawing.
  • Historical Results Archive: We offer access to a complete archive of historical results, allowing our users to track past results and analyse trends.
  • Lottery Guide: Our guide provides relevant information about your favorite games, including rules, ticket prices and locations, drawing times and other invaluable information.
  • Statistics: We offer detailed statistics on the results of the draws for most UK lottery games.
  • Random Numbers Generator: For those who prefer to let chance decide, our random number generator provides random combinations to play with.

If you have any questions, suggestions or simply want to share your ideas on how we can improve your LottoHub experience, please feel free to contact us via our contact page.